The ECC and FASHION CLOUD are now partners

This partnership will help provide even more content to all users, better distribution of content for the shoe brands, and the integration of the textile and shoe industries.


FASHION CLOUD offers a cloud-based platform, which is already used by over 200 brands and 300 retailers, for the exchange of digital fashion content. FASHION CLOUD enables brands to upload and manage all digital product and marketing content, including campaign photos, videos and product data. After signing up for a free account, retailers will have access to all this content and can download it for use in their marketing channels and digital strategies.

What does this partnership mean?

FASHION CLOUD and the ECC have partnered to combine what belongs together: textiles and shoes. The ECC has over 300 suppliers that can benefit gretaly from the content exchange from FASHION CLOUD as well as stock integration with their retail partners. Furthermore, the 300+ FASHION CLOUD retailers will now have access to the best product data and images directly from these ECC suppliers.

What we are saying

FASHION CLOUD offers a service that is urgently needed in the textile and shoe industry. Particularly interesting for the industry will be the function of the "Endless Aisle". With this function, the dealer gets information about the article availability of his supplier and can order articles that are not currently in stock electronically for his customers in the short term.
Jörg Frommann

Managing Director
European Clearing Center

Jörg Frommann
With the ECC, we have gained a strong partner who is perfectly familiar with product data. In addition, we combine what belongs together: textiles and shoes. Both dealers and suppliers will benefit from our cooperation
René Schnellen

Managing Director

René Schnellen

The Benefits

Brand Profile & Logos

Each brand on the platform maintains their own brand profile. This profile consists of up-to-date brand descriptions, logos, and other useful information regarding the specific brand.

Marketing Files & Material

Marketing files, including photos, videos, PDFs and other formats are all available for quick download from the platform. The centralised platform allows retailers to browse all brands, collect a range of images for marketing strategies, and download in one small zip file.

Product Images & Data

Gain access to product photos and data.
FASHION CLOUD has direct access to the most current brand collections which includes all up-to-date product images and product data including article numbers, EAN numbers, sizes and colours.